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A well-rounded operation. The Störk-Tronic repair service.

We are proud of our very low return rate and are continuously engaged in trying to minimise this even further. However, should you encounter a problem with our products, it is obvious to us that we must offer an efficient service. Please check out the step-by-step descriptions in the following picture.

Service note

Exemplary Service note

Short description for controller returns

If you want to return a controller to Störk-Tronic (complaint, repair etc.), we ask you to proceed as follows:


1. Return the controller (if possible, in its original packaging) to the following address:

Störk-Tronic, Störk GmbH & Co. KG
Untere Waldplätze 2-6
D-70569 Stuttgart

2. Please enclose a service note with each controller. You can download this with the Download button in this section. The service note speeds up the repair process and helps our service technicians to identify the cause of the return more quickly.

3. Statement of the serial number and a detailed description are crucial for rapid processing.

4. If you have questions relating to the returned controller or the projected return date, please always contact service@stoerk-tronic.com. With queries, you should if possible always have the controller's serial number at hand. This will enable us to find the controller in the system more quickly.

Controller serial number

The serial number of the Störk-Tronic controller is on the sticker on the rear of the controller (see image).
If you need information about your controller or its data sheet, you can find these via our Product Quick Search.


Product Quick Search

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