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Störk-Tronic quality promise

Wherever our products are used, it usually involves combining efficiency with state-of-the-art technology – for networked systems in medicine as well as in the food industry or in the mechanical engineering sector.
Consequentially as a manufacturer, we place an obligation on ourselves to supply first class products. Störk-Tronic guarantees this with the use of the best components and an absolutely incomparable quality control system. The electromagnetic compatibility of Störk-Tronic equipment is usually well above EMC guidelines.


PCBs are at the heart of every controller and thus are produced with greatest care. PCB blanks are stored vacuum-packed. Cutting-edge Siplace pick and place machines place the SMD (surface mounted device) components with 0.01 millimetre accuracy. Optical and electronic checks monitor the process. During subsequent soldering, a precisely defined, homogeneous temperature prevents overheating of the components. This guarantees maximum service life.


  • After fitting by the very latest fully automatic machines, a visual master and slave check is made of each individual fitted PCB.
  • Each component on a finished PCB is checked and documented completely automatically.  This means that a defective delivery is practically impossible. 
  • The software is transferred after production and testing. The controller is then installed by hand and the individual parts are subjected to a functional check.
  • Each manual processing step is documented with a personal identification seal on the PCB.
  • Before delivery, every controller undergoes a 24-hour endurance test in a testing unit. Only once this test has been passed will it receive the final test seal.

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