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    The perfect split solution.

Störk-Tronic's ST-Box is a new generation of split solutions for the heating and refrigeration sector. The control system output unit (the ST-Box) is separate from the operating unit, which generates a many benefits for the user. See for yourself! 


Modular configuration.

Simple networking.

Quick commissioning.

The modular construction provides much flexibility in the selection of different operating units, design, type of assembly  as well as suitable set-up of the control system. Standard CAT5 plugs by WAGO are used to connect the units. The simple colour coding of the cables (blue for controller networks and red for the connection of control units and satellite displays) makes commissioning easy. The ST-Boxes are available in various versions depending on the size of your application. These differ in terms of inputs and outputs, functional scope and display unit. Detailed information about the differences below.

ST-Box Highlights

  • Time saving due to easy installation of the plug-in system
  • 5-8 outputs 
  • Can be combined with many operating units and satellite displays 
  • Connections for temperature probes, humidity probes and switching inputs 
  • Performance up to 25 A at 230 V mains voltage 
  • DC fan control up to max. 48 W output 
  • High switching power specifically for compressors 
  • Simple networking: Colour and mechanical coding of the plug connections 
  • Variable fitting options 
  • Design conforming to standards 
  • UL approval
  • For small, medium and large installations (e.g. counters)

ST-Box highlights for heating technology

  • Same basic principle as for ST-Box for cold area
  • Control of heaters for water temperature, radiator output, etc. 
  • Integration of entire output in a box 
  • No additional components required 
  • Fast to assemble for immediate use 
  • No comparable products on the market 
  • Innovative functions 
  • Continuous and smooth power regulation

Wide variety

The ST-Box family has grown steadily over the past three decades. The various types differ in their front housing format, in their height (normal or flat version), in the number of inputs and outputs and in the display unit. Depending on type, there is the option for OLED or 7-segment display. With the OLED versions, you can choose between our four standard OLED colours: white, yellow, green and turquoise. 

  •  Störk-Tronic ST-Box 100, split solution, small systems, OLED display.

    ST-Box 100 with OLED display

    • Outside dimensions: 170 x 120 x 60 mm
    • Display: OLED display
  • Störk-Tronic ST-Box 200, split solution, medium sized systems, 7-segment display.

    ST-Box 200

    • Outside dimensions: 185 x 170 x 80 mm
    • Display: 7-segment display
  • Störk-Tronic ST-Box 200, split solution, medium sized systems, OLED display.

    ST-Box 200 with OLED display

    • Outside dimensions: 185 x 170 x 80 mm
    • Display: OLED display
  • ST-Box 300 , split solution for big applications

    ST-Box 300

    • Outside dimensions: 285 x 170 x 80 mm
    • Display: 7-segment display

Wiring diagram

Example wiring diagram of a ST-Box 200.

The controller can be supplied with 90-250V AC and has three output relays, which can be programmed to control a compressor, an evaporator fan, lighting or other necessary outputs. There is also a TRIAC output and an output for DC fans. 

Application scenario

The ST-Box as an all-rounder for refrigerated counters and shelves.

Splitting the refrigeration system has been established widely for refrigeration technology. With this configuration, the outside unit (refrigeration unit) and the inside unit (evaporator-fan module) are controlled by separate control units. Especially for inside units, the use of split version controllers generates many possibilities for function and design. 


This means that for many refrigeration counters, the ST-Box is built directly into the counter itself. The simple connection of the ST-Box with CAT5 plugs now allows - if required - a personal operating unit in the visual field of the counter staff. At the same time, a satellite display can be fitted in the counter for the customer’s information. Overall, the user has a great freedom of design. For operating and display units all other elaborate cabling becomes redundant, since only the ST-Box includes all probes and other ports and is connected to the mains. This creates visually appealing solutions which are easy to implement.


If the ST-Box is also networked with the Commander , the counter operator can also use the advantages of remote maintenance and remote control.


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