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Remote temperature control with the new Störk-Tronic Commander Box

Remote temperature control with the new Störk-Tronic Commander Box

In today's digital era, up to the minute information is bringing changes to every part of the world, and as we know, the internet is the medium through which all information is exchanged. Connectivity enables manufacturers and service organizations to now put aside the geographical constraints that once limited immediate response by now offering options such as remote monitoring; temperature alarm settings and the continuous collection of relevant client data that will quickly improve their productivity and differentiate them from their competitors.

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New software for Störk-Tronic cooling controllers

New software for Störk-Tronic cooling controllers

Störk-Tronic has for a long time been one of the leading companies in the temperature control of cooling equipment. Working closely with customers, we have now developed even further our well established software for cooling applications.

The benefits of the new 212 software are:

  • Superheat control implemented.
  • Enhance flexibility of sensor inputs and use of measured values.
  • Possibility to optimize the system by using thermostatic or PID logic for every control circuit.
  • Control of variable speed compressors and fans.
  • Enhanced system monitoring capability.
  • Enhanced communication possibilities.
  • New modular software structure.
  • Energy efficient control of power relays.
  • Service timers for maintenance intervals.
  • Refinement of error messages.
  • Complete integration in ST-Studio and ST-Cloud.
  • Automatic detection of 115/230V and 50/60Hz.

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Health check-ups, sales meeting and barbecue at our headquarters in Stuttgart

After the regular health check-up and a successful International sales conference, an eventful week ended in June 2019 with the traditional company barbeque.

New sales office in Great Britain

Currently having subsidiaries in the Netherlands, France and Sweden, Störk-Tronic now opened an office in the UK. Managed by Mr. Raymond O’Reilly and located in the West Midlands, this office will support customers based in the UK and Ireland and will be responsible for assisting with all new enquiries in this region.

New sales representative in the South-East Germany

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Kurt Kerschdorfer as the new sales representative covering the region of Bavaria, Germany. Working from his home based office close to Munich, Mr Kerschdorfer has a wealth of knowledge in the design and technical consulting sector and being based locally, he will have the flexibility of being able to visit customers and respond to new enquiries promptly.

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