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Benefits for developers at Störk-Tronic

Finding good developers is one of the most difficult tasks for modern companies. Products are largely depending on development - and the company's success depends on the products. Therefore, we have created special benefits for developers at Störk-Tronic, so you can have fun while contributing your ideas in a productive environment and be happy for the long term.


Working with the latest technology

As a technology leader, our development department must always work and experiment with the very latest technologies. We always listen to our developers' ideas with regards to software and hardware to ensure that we stay competitive in the future. Trialling is therefore mandatory!


Ongoing training and creativity

Ongoing training of our developers is self-evident for us, since new influences are important for personal development. Therefore, at Störk-Tronic, we are open to training and to your suggestions on which subjects these might focus.

Flexibility thanks to a non-bureaucratic corporate culture

A non-bureaucratic corporate culture is essential to make sure that your ideas can be effectively implemented in products and product solutions. Only through flexibility is it possible to create the space which is needed by outstanding developers for their work. Thus, if you have a potentially trendsetting idea – go to the boss and explain, show, present. And don't let inspiration die in a mountain of bureaucratic improvement documents... 


Project responsibility and active participation

In Störk-Tronic's development department, we insist on handing over responsibility for projects to our developers at a very early stage. This is how you can participate in your project, manage it and clarify the current situation directly with the sales team. This saves time and gives you the opportunity to realise your project.


Bright and spacious workplaces

At Störk-Tronic, each employee gets a bright, well-lit workplace with the very latest hardware and software. The offices have many plants and in breaks, you can make yourself comfortable either in the cafeteria or on one of the two roof terraces. This means you can take a breath of fresh air, chat with colleagues and clear your head.


Work-Life balance

Naturally, work-life balance is a very important topic for developers and must constantly be maintained. Consequently, we ensure that you do not overwork and that any overtime is not excessive. This means that you always have time for family, hobbies and leisure.


  •  Störk-Tronic Career, Development, Software, Hardware, Quote of a Developer.

    "Since 2014, I have been working at Störk-Tronic in hardware development. I enjoy working here, because I have the freedom to develop independent concepts and thus take an active part in designing my work."

  •  Störk-Tronic Career, Development, Software, Hardware, Quote of a Developer.

    "I enjoy working at Störk-Tronic, because I am able to experiment here with the latest IoT and Industry 4.0 technologies and can contribute my ideas."

  •  Störk-Tronic Career, Development, Software, Hardware, Quote of a Developer.

    "As a developer at Störk-Tronic, I am certainly never bored. There are always exciting projects and the team works very well together. A great atmosphere!"

Your contact person

If you have any questions regarding all aspects of Störk-Tronic as an employer, exclusive employee benefits or job offers, please feel free to contact our human resources department. We will be pleased to inform you about all details.

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