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Are your systems highly complex and standard products simply will not suffice? Then you are in good hands with us. Störk-Tronic produces customized solutions exactly to your requirements. Every department has experts with many years of experience – whether in development, technical support, production or design support. With Störk-Tronic, you are well looked after, with products 100% Made in Germany.


Modularity down to the detail.

Thanks to 30 years of experience with very discerning customers, Störk-Tronic has created a component base which can meet any user request thanks to maximum modularity. This applies to every detail of the products in the measurement and control system sector, as you can see in the following overview. Naturally, when selecting your controllers, you will receive effective support from our technical experts.

  • Over 25 different housing formats, for example as front structure, flush-front rear structure, as split solution or with DIN rails. Housings range from the smallest formats (e.g. the ST 24 with dimensions 24mm x 107 mm) to very large flat operating units and controllers (e.g. the ST 656 with dimensions 133.5 mm x 274 mm) and each can be used in portrait or landscape format.
  • The display technology is also freely selectable. In this case, we have 7-segment displays, DOT Matrix Displays, OLED and capacitive touch displays.
  • For the controller front, you can decide between display, real glass and film front. 
  • Regarding design, you have all the options to adapt your controller to your own company colours, from film printing via rear glass printing, in order to generate the maximum recognition value for your customers. For this, our in-house designer will be pleased to support you in person. 
  • In addition, you can select between more than 100 different software modules. You have exactly the functions which create best possible control of your product. Customer-specific adaptations are implemented individually by our development experts at the end of the process.

The process for customised product solutions

We will establish your individual specifications with you. It sets all technical details and facts for the final controller. The functional specifications thus cover a wide range of subjects and answers a host of questions, which are listed as examples.

1. Which housing format is right for your product and your application?
2. What technical features does your product have?
3. What functions are needed?
4. What display technology is best suited for your product and your customers?
5. How can the final product be matched to your design?

Testing is compulsory

If you are interested in our controllers or in special housing formats, we will be pleased to provide you with a housing blank for test installation in your product. This means you can see for real how the new controller fits into your product or which application-specific functions are possible for which keys.

To order production and exclusive personalisation

Customer specific production with regards to hardware and software can be undertaken depending on time, quantity, budget and customer requirements. If you need particularly unusual housing formats or if new software developments are necessary, we are able to assist you also with these concerns. This means you will enjoy even more freedom when designing your Störk-Tronic controller!


Design configurator

We give you the opportunity to design the front of the controller to suit your design needs to ensure that controller fronts match your design requirements and keeps your branding in focus. Check out our new design configurator to get an impression on possible new designs. See for yourself! 


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Design brochure

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