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Error messages

Why does the temperature display on the controller not change, although the temperature on the thermometer is lower/falling/etc.?

  1. If your controller is in defrost mode, the temperature display is frozen. After defrosting has ended, the temperature display will again function in the normal manner.
  2. If the controller has locked up through fault peaks, switch it off for at least 5 minutes and then start it again.

If you still have problems with your controller, please contact our experienced sales team.

The probe is connected, but an error message still appears. Why is that?

There are various possibilities as to why the error message occurs.

  1. The probe is not connected correctly. Please check the connection.
  2. You have installed the wrong probe or the probe is not connected correctly to the controller. In this case, you will find helpful information about the probe in your data sheet. 
  3. If this is a heating element, please observe the polarity and check it.

If you do not find the problem, you are welcome to contact our experienced sales team.

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Where do I find the description of error messages?

Error messages for standard devices

  • F1H sensor break, sensor resistance too high
  • F1L sensor short circuit, sensor resistance too low
  • F0-  Incorrectly determined actual value 
  • F1-  probe break or short circuit at probe 1
  • F2-  probe break or short circuit at probe 2
  • F3-  probe break or short circuit at probe 3
  • F4-  probe break or short circuit at probe 4
  • F5-  Incorrect setpoint in data memory
  • EP-  EEPROM-error in data memory

For defrost controllers

  • E0 sensor error on cold room sensor
  • E1 sensor error at evaporator sensor
  • E2  EEPROM-error in data memory
  • E3 Power failure at ext. alarm input


Information and remedy
Errors F0-, EP- and E2 can only be repaired in the factory, if the function cannot be restored by switching it off and on. Errors F2, F3 and F4 can appear on equipment with external or analogue nominal value statement as "Setpoint error". In this case, the connection must be checked.
If variable values are shown with "L--" or "H--", this is usually due to a fault occurring where the value range shown is not reached or is exceeded. Here, you can try to restore the desired value by holding down for a longer period the SET + ON or SET + OFF buttons. 

Unlisted messages are usually EEPROM errors.  There are different error messages for the ranges TRK, TRL, TRM, TRS and TRW.

There are additional controller-specific error messages in the data sheet for your controller. 

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What does F90-F93 mean?

Error messages F90 to F93 are communication errors. Please contact our friendly sales team for troubleshooting.



How do I rectify the EP error message?

This error is caused by fault spikes. Please isolate the controller from the mains for approximately 20 minutes. There is more information in the installation notes for your controller.


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