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ST-Bus, Commander and ST-Studio

How can I connect controllers with one another?

There is a detailed step-by-step instruction for installation, commissioning and networking with the Commander at the following link:


What do the colours blue and red mean on CAT5 plugs?

Blue CAT5 plugs are the ST-Bus interface. These are used to connect the controller with the Commander and the ST-Box. 
The red CAT5 cables are exclusively used to connect controllers to control units and satellite displays.


Where do I find the terminating resistor for the ST-Bus?

The terminating resistor of 120 ohms is supplied with the Commander.


How can I connect the controller with a ST-Box?

The ST-Box is networked to the same principle as networking with the Commander. You can see how this works at the following link.


Can the ST-Bus be retrofitted to controllers?

Controllers can no longer be retrofitted with the ST-Bus. For more information, please contact our experienced sales team.


Where do I find the password for my Commander?

Customers specify their password personally upon delivery of the Commander for security reasons. Störk-Tronic does not have access to your passwords.


Can I configure controllers via PC?

If your controller has a ST-Bus interface and is networked with the Commander, you can configure this via the ST-Studio desktop application.


Can the controller settings be exported from ST-Studio?

Detailed instructions are in the ST-Studio help area. Here, you can open the ST-Studio data sheet and read the export procedure.


For which Windows versions is ST-Studio available?

There is ST-Studio for Windows 7 and Windows 10.

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