Where can I find information for installation of Störk-Tronic controllers?

Detailed installation notes are in the download on the controller’s product page. Please enter the 9-digit part number in product quick search to find the specific product page. These are on the sticker on the back of the controller. 


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How do I network a controller with a Commander and/or a ST-Box?

Controllers must always be networked in series with the Commander. For installation and commissioning of the Commander, you can of course view our YouTube videos

For further, more specific information, please contact our experienced sales team.


Can inputs and outputs be assigned freely to controllers?

With many Störk-Tronic controllers, the inputs and outputs can be assigned flexibly. However, this can vary from controller to controller. Should you encounter problems, please contact our experienced sales team.



What actions should be taken against overvoltage damage to controllers?

All relevant power supplies are given in the controller’s data sheet. To find your data sheet, please enter your part number in our product quick search.


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