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Product highlights.

Networking for remote maintenance and remote control

The Commander enables remote maintenance and remote control of networked temperature control systems in the spirit of complete temperature and data monitoring (e.g. as per HACCP). Up to 32 or 64 controllers can be connected to the Commander via the ST-Bus and thus be controlled and configured using the touchscreen.



In addition to the ST-Studio software solution, the controller can  also be accessed via Internet. This means that parameter changes, together with alarm and error messages, can be managed from anywhere.


Manipulation safety

The tasks of the Commander also include complete temperature recording (HACCP-compliant). The Commander records from the very minute it is commissioned.


Intuitive operation - without any training costs

The user-friendly interface and the self-explanatory, intuitive operation eliminate intensive training. Already with just a few cooling and heat points, you save time since the settings do no longer have to be made no longer on each controller. The Commander can be connected to Internet or a corporate network via integrated Ethernet interface.


Energy-saving functions

You can use the ECO key to define different energy saving functions which  optimize the specified weekly program. The individual program settings can be defined for individual controllers or controller groups. Benefit: The weekly timer does not have to be reprogrammed or changed, since ECO mode works independently.

Alarm administration

The Commander's alarm function is already activated in standard mode. The alarms can be individually adjusted with additional configuration options: Collective alarm, over-temperature, under-temperature, bundle messages and much more. Email message or a signal tone – everything is possible.


User administration

Different access rights can be assigned to e.g. end users, service technicians and manufacturers with selectable user levels. In addition to user levels and roles, you can also allocate customer-specific functions such as "nominal value visible/invisible/changeable".

Weekly timer

With the freely programmable weekly timer, you can program individual switching programs, such as defrosting, night lowering, lighting or cleaning cycles. This makes it possible to reduce peak outputs, e.g. with staggered defrosting, night-time increase or cleaning cycles. Controllers can also be configured and named individually.

Störk-Tronic's Commander enables remote maintenance and remote control of networked temperature control systems.

Commander symbol

All products that can be networked with our Commander system, are marked with this symbol. You will find them repeated on our website or in our catalogue next to controllers and control systems.


Commander 43

  • 4.3 inch display
  • Resolution of 480 x 272 Pixel
  • Resistive touch display
  • Powerful ARM9 processor
  • Designed for up to 32 controllers
  • SSL encryption
  • Offers ideal prerequisites for the use in commercial refrigeration such as chilled counters

Commander 70

  • 7 inch display
  • Resolution of 800 x 480 Pixel
  • Multi-touch enabled capacitive display
  • Powerful CORTEX A8 process
  • Designed for up to 64 controllers
  • SSL encryption
  • Offers ideal prerequisites for the use in heat technology such as baking ovens
  • Ambient light sensor for ideal brightness regulation of the display
  • Thanks to the clear presentation, it is possible to easily display information on each individual controller and be changed as necessary.


  • The Commander allows visualization of all data from the 112th standard software up to complex overheating controllers and composite systems.


  • Störk-Tronic Commander, Screenshot, Menu

    The Commander menu, with various functions, such as timer settings, ECO key with energy-saving functions or alarm management. 

  • Störk-Tronic Commander, screenshot, weekdays, settings.

    Light circuit at set times of day on weekdays, public holidays and other holidays is determined individually for all controllers or for selected controller groups.

  •  Störk-Tronic Commander, screenshot, controller 9, setpoint, adjustment.

    Each individual controller can be adjusted individually using the Commander.


  •  Störk-Tronic Commander, Screenshot, USB Export, Import, Datenlogger, Datenaufzeichnung.

    The recorded measuring values can be exported conveniently via Ethernet and/or the USB interface.


  •  Störk-Tronic Commander, screenshot, user, administrator, password.

    Individual user accounts allow only selected Commander users to have defined functions.


  •  Störk-Tronic Commander, screenshot, web interface, remote access, remote maintenance, internet, controller overview.

    Web access enables clear presentation of all controller values on PC, tablet or smartphone.


ST Studio: Remote maintenance and remote control conveniently from your workplace.

The supplied ST Studio software package allows operation, setting and configuration of individual controllers using an in-house network or the Internet. Optimized data sets can be imported in conveniently. ST Studio is constantly in dialogue with one or more Commanders, which report any malfunction in the system using local networks or via Internet.


*ST Studio comes free with every Commander.

Commander Brochure

To download all information about the Commander as a PDF or in a printed version, simply press DOWNLOAD.



ST Cloud: Störk-Tronic's modular Cloud solution.

With Störk-Tronic Cloud, you can log directly into your Commander via the Internet and monitor your controllers and systems. Regardless of when or where.
Your information and systems are safe using a sophisticated security system, in which each Commander is assigned an individual, 12-digit CloudConnect ID.
The connection works via the domain www.commander-cloud.eu. This is how you can easily use our services -  without having to buy and download an App in advance. 
For detailed information about Cloud, please contact our experienced sales team.


Cloud Brochure

To download all information about the Commander as a PDF or in a printed version, simply press DOWNLOAD.


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